IMEC Training & Workshops


IMEC offers high quality training and workshops to help individuals live a more meaningful life, and to train professionals to offer meaningful help and to conduct meaningful research.

We offer training and workshops in three formats:

  • we offer a day of workshops before the formal start of our annual IMEC conference;
  • we offer frequent workshops on Wednesday evening, in association with our IMEC support groups;
  • from 2021, we will also offer online training.


We are in the process of getting accreditation by professional bodies of our training and workshops, for example so that you could follow our events as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). If you are interested in giving a training, please contact us.

If you join a training or workshop, some legal bits may apply to you: read here


Current offers of IMEC Training & Workshops


Fifty pictures of living a meaningful life: art, cartoons, reflections & exercises

Price: FREE (temporary only)

How can you live a meaningful life? Most likely, you are already doing it. You do not need to make up an abstract theory and use obscure words like an academic in an ivory tower. Meaning is about you, for you, by you. Here and now, Look around you and you will see it. This interactive course shares 50 pictures about where you could see meaning in life: one picture can say more than a library full of books. These 50 pictures are accompanied by brief explanations, questions and exercises for reflection. This course makes this often serious complex topic easy, visible and humorous. Be prepared for laughter and tears. This course is for individuals who are just curious to learn more about meaning, searchers for meaning, therapists, researchers, priests, philosophers, life coaches,... you?!

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Videos & texts to help you stay sane during the pandemic

Price: FREE

In this free course, you can find a collection of publicly available texts and videos about how to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic

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COVID-19 resources for practitioners

Price: FREE

In this free course, practitioners such as psychotherapists counsellors and coaches can find a collection of publicly available texts and videos about how to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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