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How can we live a meaningful life in times of crises? Together! 


Our world is in crisis!

We have been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic for several years. We have been in lockdowns. Many people have lost their jobs. People are struggling to get by, even though politicians seem to rake in large sums of money. Countries are in war. Racism, homophobia, and sexism can be felt in the streets. Meanwhile, our time seems to be running out to stop climate change. Our pole-caps are melting. Our weather is getting more extreme. Our ecosystems are collapsing. Animals are getting extinct.


How can we stay sane and live a meaningful life?

How can we find our personal meaningful answers to these crises? How can we connect with others asking the same questions? How can we support each other? How can our voice be heard?


Join our self-development groups.

We have been running these for almost two years. We are a warm and supportive group, where everyone is welcome, regardless of your background and your questions. The main aim is to learn from world-leading experts, and to have a space where everyone can voice themselves -or be silent and listen-, be actively heard and understood with empathy, and feel supported by each other. We grow and develop ourselves together with each other.


How a self-development group event looks like

Each last Wednesday of the month, 7pm-9.30pm UK-times.

7pm-7.30pm: Each meeting starts with a brief introduction on a specific topic by an expert in the field.

7.30pm-8pm: Undoubtedly some individuals have questions for the speaker, or the speaker may ask questions to the group.

8pm-8.45pm: We will break-out in small groups to share our personal experiences with the topic, and possibly anything else that is going on in our life, our worries and hopes. We take turns to listen and share to each other, and learn from each other, and feel supported and connected with each other. We may not always have the answers to all questions, but we can inspire and support each other.

8.45-9.30pm: Anyone can share any topics that may have come up during the small break-out groups. The speaker may also ask some questions to guide the group discussion.

Finding meaning after traumatic & stressful life events

Wed 25 May 2022


This month, Joel Vos will talk about how we can live a meaningful life despite traumatic and other stressful life experiences such as COVID-19, war, or climate crsisi. Traumas can shatter our ideas about life, ourselves and the world around us. What felt meaningful in the past may not feel meaningful anymore. Priorities may change. If you grew up in an abusive or neglecting family you may possibly never have learned what is truly meaningful for you. Joel will not only share his expertise as researcher and therapist on how life events can impact our sense of meaning, but also how we can learn to live a meaningful life again. The Self-Development Group starts with 30 minutes lecture followed by 30 minutes questions and group discussion. In the last part of the event, we will break up into smaller rooms in which individuals can share whatever they want, about this theme or anything else; others offer a listening ear and peer support. In these events, we develop ourselves together. Because everybody deserves to live a meaningful life! Read more on /

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Wed 22 June 2022


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Wed 27 July 2022


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