What are meaning & purpose in life?

You may have heard countless answers to the question 'what is my meaning in life’? Some pop philosophers may have told you what The Meaning Of Life is. Some Holy Books may have introduced you to a Cosmic Purpose. Some esoteric authors may have told you not to listen to others, but to manifest your own meaning in life. Some therapists or life coaches may have done some exercises with you about meaning in life. Possibly you may have read the book 'Man's search for meaning' from Viktor Frankl. All these answers may be part of the larger puzzle of your meaning in life. Some of these pieces may fit your personal experiences, but others may not.


Meaning in life is a personal quest...

Although people can inspire each other, in the end, each individual decides for themselves what they find meaningful. A key tool to discover your personal sense of meaning are your critical intuitions.


Listening to your critical intuition means...

...when we carefully listen to what we are experiencing, we can intuit what is more meaningful in our life and what is less meaningful. We usually do this automatically. For example, you are reading this text and are not watching football on the TV; apparently at this moment you intuit that reading this is more meaningful. Unfortunately, sometimes we feel overwhelmed by what others are telling or by our emotions, and it can be difficult to differentiate between equally meaningful options. Therefore, it is important to critically listen to our intuition, and not automatically believe each fleeting emotion that may pop up. In sum, listen to what your gut feeling tells you is meaningful for you, but at the same be critical about what your gut may be telling you.


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