Discover your meaning in life:

learn how to make decisions, enjoy and live your life to the fullest

(Evidence-based Meaning-Centered Self-Development for Clients)

Monday evenings, 23 May-25 July 2022 (except for the last Wednesday of the month)


10 weeks / live interactive Zoom group sessions / self-development / theory / practical exercises / proven in research / optional reading included / optional exercises at home / self-development for the helping professionals / CPD credits / 35 total study hours / discounts for promoting the course and for unwaged students

Discover your meaning in life. Learn how to make fulfilling decisions. Know how to change your daily life in practical steps. Live life the fullest. Does this sound good? Join the ten online sessions of ‘Evidence-based Meaning-Centered Practice training for clients’. Based on scientific research and proven to be effective. Taught by the internationally renowned developer of this training, therapist, and researcher on meaning, Dr Joel Vos PhD MSc MA FHEA CPsychol. 

Why follow this training?

Do you want to discover your personal meaning in life? Do you want to learn how to live life to the fullest? Do you want to learn how to make crucial decisions in your life? Do you want to find out how life can still feel meaningful even when you are going through stressful periods? Do you want to get out of the boring routine and greyness of daily life? Do you want to learn how you can thrive instead of feeling as if you are muddling through life? Do you want to know how to live a meaningful life when you are in self-isolation or lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you want to learn how to be authentic with others? Do you want to experience more meaning and fulfilment in your job? And most importantly: do you want to learn how to do this practically, via small steps, to live a meaningful and fulfilling daily life?

You are not the only one asking such questions. Most people ask such questions, particularly when they are at a crossroads in their life, or when they are going through a stressful or traumatic period. This 10-week online group training will help you to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, despite of all life’s uncertainties and challenges. The training offers a broad array of exercises and ideas to help individuals discover their own personal meaning in life. Each week will discuss a unique topic, with a brief theoretical explanation, followed by a group discussion and individual exercises and questions for self-reflection. Students who want to get more out of the course can read the optional texts that will be freely provided, and do some exercises in between the classes. Students are invited to set some goals and make some step-by-step plans how they may want to improve their life, if they want.

This training is different from unproven self-development groups, psychotherapy, self-help books and religious cults that claim to give clients meaning in life. This training is based on systematic academic research on meaning in life. This training has been developed systematically and tested in clinical research. Research in 60 clinical trials in almost 2000 clients have shown that these trainings help individuals to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, improve their mental and physical health, and improve their general quality of life. Experts are trained to give this Evidence-based Meaning-Centered Practice (EMCP) at universities and training institutions across the globe. This is a rare opportunity to receive this live online training from the developer of EMCP, the internationally recognized therapist and researcher on meaning in life, Dr Joel Vos PhD MSc MA FHEA EMCP CPsychol.

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Discover your meaning in life: learn how to make decisions, enjoy and live your life to the fullest

(Self-development: Evidence-based Meaning-Centered training for clients)

  • 10 live sessions;
  • led by a world-leading therapist and researcher on meaning in life, whose books and training standards are used at universities across the globe;
  • proven to be effective in many clinical trials;
  • free optional reading material;
  • optional exercises at home;
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for helping professionals;
  • small group of like-minded students;
  • guaranteed changes and improvements in your life;
  • discover your own meaning in life, without pressure from others;
  • practical tips and tricks how to make changes in your daily life;
  • live life to the fullest, learn to make decisions and live a fulfilling life!
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