IMEC Community

Everyone who participates in an IMEC event or buys an IMEC product, will get a free profile on

This offers the unique opportunity to stay in touch with other participants to the IMEC events and to continue your conversations and learning. You will get the following opportunities for free:

  • Personal profile where you can share information about yourself;
  • Messaging with other participants;
  • Discussion forums; 
  • Sharing of your own publications and events (if these are in the spirit of IMEC).

Use of profiles, messaging and forums is at your own responsibility as there is no moderation. However, if you see anything that you think should need ot be here, please contact [email protected]

If you want to use or change your profile, you will need to login by clicking on the icon of a person in the header on this website.

You can read the legal bits of joining the IMEC community here: read here



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