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Newsletter - January 2021

newsletter Jan 11, 2021


Firstly, from all of us at IMEC, we are wishing you and your loved ones hope and courage to face these challenging times which continue to confront the world.


We hope that this newsletter will bring some bright news to inspire you and offer new ways to connect with others as we continue to explore and create our personal meanings.

For the past months, the IMEC Scientific committee has been working away behind the scenes on an exciting mission to bring the IMEC entity new life. As you may know, IMEC originally signified 'The International Meaning Conferences'. These successful conferences connected individuals from across the globe, and we received enthusiastic feedback requesting opportunities for deeper connection and more events. We are therefore excited to present to you for the first time the 'new' IMEC:


'The International Meaning Events and Community'


 Our philosophy remains the same: to inspire and empower everyone to live a meaningful life.

Alongside our conferences, we will now be hosting a number of different events:

  • Conferences & Festivals
  • Workshops & Training
  • Art & Music
  • Support Groups
  • Publications 

You can find more information about all these exciting events in this newsletter and at our new website:




Wellbeing Resources

At these challenging times, we want to offer some free resources which may help you through each day.

Yoga with Adriene 

How much time do you dedicate to stillness and inner peace each day?
Regardless of your experience, Adriene's yoga channel offers many guided videos to help you reconnect with yourself 

Wellbeing Tools

What daily practices do you have to help yourself cope with challenges? is abundant with free resources for self-care, including useful apps, tools, and information

My Modern Met

When's the last time you picked up a paintbrush and let your worries go?
We are always inspired to see the magnificent art projects exhibited on this site!




Conferences & Festivals

Start the year with some inspiration by joining Dr Joel Vos at the upcoming The Weekend University conference on January 31st 2021
Ticket prices include life-time access to the recordings of each talk.


A Festival of Hope & Despair

“Both hope and despair can be blind.
Therefore, we should not ask whether it is better to hope or to despair about our world, but whether we dare to open our eyes.”
- Joel Vos


Join us at our Festival of Hope and Despair in Spring 2021 (date TBC)! We warmly welcome you, your hopes and desperations, at three days of lectures, workshops, music, art, support groups, fun and connections. Listen to world-leading psychologists, philosophers, politicians, biologists and other experts. Share your own thoughts and feelings, and develop your self-insight, during our support groups. Build your professional skills as therapist, researcher, coach, counsellor or other practitioner in one of our many workshops. Get inspired by our music and art events, and express yourself!

Please share your own inspiration by giving a lecture, workshop, concert, art or social events! Details about how to submit an abstract with your proposal will be published in January 2021.



Workshops & Training

IMEC now offers high quality training and workshops to help individuals live a more meaningful life, and to train professionals to offer meaningful help and to conduct meaningful research. 

  • We offer a day of workshops before the formal start of our annual IMEC conference;
  • We offer frequent workshops on Wednesday evening, in association with our IMEC support groups;
  • From 2021, we will also offer online training.

Want to get involved?
If you are interested in giving a training, please contact us!



Art & Music

At IMEC Art & Music events we offer a space for artists and musicians of any underground genres to perform, and for the audience to have fun and get inspired by authentic creativity. 

We create a safe creative space online or IRL where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their looks, identity, or mental health, and where individuals can authentically connect with each other. At these events we also aim to raise awareness for mental health and to get inspired for our own well-being, as all of us are sometimes or often struggling in our daily life. We will raise awareness and inspire via lyrics, poetry, paintings, brief talks, etcetera.



Support Groups

IMEC support groups (previously: MentalHealth4All) seek to create a safe space for everyone to slip past the labels and boxes that society has placed us in, to come together in solidarity, and share worries or hopes about the future for the society we live in. 

In our weekly support meetings which are hosted via Zoom each Wednesday at 7pm UK Time, we can share any thoughts and feelings, whether they are related to what is going on in society or not. 

The main aim is to organise a space where everyone can voice themselves -or be silent and listen-, be actively heard and understood with empathy, and feel supported by each other. We grow and develop ourselves together with each other. 




Our publications are online as well as offline. For example, we publish the recordings from our events on YouTube and Vimeo, and have active social media sites. 

Are you a keen writer?
On our website, we are not offering the opportunity for individuals to share their articles and blogs.
We will be publishing the lectures from our conferences in an annual book publication, in collaboration with the University Professors Press.

Want to get involved?
We currently have a vacancy for a video expert; and for a social media/online marketing expert.



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