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At IMEC Art & Music events we offer a space for artists and musicians of any underground genres to perform, and for the audience to have fun and get inspired by authentic creativity. We create a safe creative space online or IRL where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their looks, identity, or mental health, and where individuals can authentically connect with each other. At these events we also aim to raise awareness for mental health and to get inspired for our own well-being, as all of us are sometimes or often struggling in our daily life. We will raise awareness and inspire via lyrics, poetry, paintings, brief talks, etcetera.

Any profits from these events are either used for future events, to pay for individuals who cannot afford to buy a ticket, and to fund the IMEC support groups and workshops.

We organise these events because in the mainstream art and music industry, there seems to be little attention for underground cultures, authenticity, safe spaces, acceptance, mental health, and well-being.

The IMEC Art & Music events (previously: ‘Underground Minds events’) build on our previously very successful Punk4MentalHealth events. Whereas these previous events mainly focused on the music genre and style of punk, IMEC Arts & Music events include all underground music and art forms.

Organisation: there are still some vacancies!

Next event: TBA

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