Evidence-based Existential Practitioner (EEP) certificate:

Learn how to effectively help your clients with questions about life, and to live life to the fullest

Monday evenings, 3 October-5 December 2022 8pm-10pm current UK time


10 weeks / 25 hours live weekly interactive Zoom sessions / self-development / professional development / practical exercises / individual feedback / online learning portal / reading material included/ 379 graduates / certificate / CPD credits / 70 total study hours / no experience required / discounts for promoting the course and for unwaged students

Become a certified Evidence-based Existential Practitioner (EEP), taught via live online sessions by the internationally renowned existential therapist and researcher Dr Joel Vos PhD MSc MA FHEA EMCP CPsychol. Develop practical skills based on the latest research on how to effectively help clients with questions about life. EEP practitioners can particularly be helpful for clients who are facing life’s limits, such as trauma, loss, and physical disease. Based on the Evidence-Based Existential Therapeutic Competencies Framework, the standard for existential training across the globe.

Why become an Evidence-based Existential Practitioner (EEP)?

How can I live life to the fullest? Where should I go to in life? How can I become more honest with myself? How can I feel joy, fulfilment, and awe in life? How do I make decisions? How can I get through stressful and traumatic periods? How do I cope with suffering, pain, loss, and injustice? How can I feel free? Who am I, and who do I want to be? How can I learn to listen better to myself? How can I develop authentic relationships with others? How can my work become more fulfilling? How do I get out a crisis? How can I prevent feeling overwhelmed by life? And most importantly: how do I do this practically in my daily life?


You will not be the only person who have asked some of these questions.

Everyone asks themselves such questions, although they may not always say these aloud. Because everyone inevitably faces difficult moments and limits in their life. Would it not be great if we could get professional help with such questions about life?


This course will not only help you find your own answers to these questions...

...but also train you to help others with such questions. This course will lead to a Certificate in Evidence-based Exisential Practitioner (EEP). An EEP practitioner offers professional guidance to help clients live a fulfilling and satisfying life despite the challenges and stress that they may be experiencing in their life. In their work with clients, an EEP practitioner uses their rigorous knowledge about existential topics and their large toolkit with practical helping skills. Their knowledge and skills are based on the latest research on how to help individuals live an existentially fulfilling life (this is different from most other courses which are often unscientific or based on the subjective opinion of the trainer or guru). The main focus is on ‘how to do it’, grounded in rigorous research on how to effectively help clients.


This training will be provided by a leading authority and therapist...

...and therapist in existential and meaning-centered therapies, Dr Joel Vos PhD MSc MA FHEA EMCP EEP CPsychol. Dr Vos is the author of the global standard for existential training, ‘Evidence-Based Existential Therapeutic Competencies Framework’, and training books used in universities and training institutions across the globe such as ‘Meaning in life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners’. This training gives a generic overview of existential practices; trainees who want more specific guidance and practical tips and tricks on how to find meaning in life may want to do the Certificate in ‘Evidence-based Meaning-Centered Practitioner’ (EMCP); although both trainings can be followed independently, it is highly recommended to do both courses to get the most complete toolkit as practitioner.

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Evidence-based Existential Practitioner (EEP) certificate


This training includes:

  • 10 live sessions with lectures, practical exercises, and feedback,
  • personal and professional development;
  • reading material,
  • training by a world-leading therapist and researcher who has written key training handbooks, training standards and guidelines in this field;
  • online learning portal,
  • small group of like-minded students;
  • optional quizzes and home exercises;
  • optional final assignment with individual feedback and suggestions;
  • practical tools for use with clients in many different settings;
  • help clients live a meaningful and satisfying life despite life's limitations and challenges;
  • credits for Continuing Professional Development (CPD);
  • receive a certificate, and use the title Evidence-based Existential Practitioner.  
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