NEW! Discover your meaning in life: learn how to make decisions, enjoy and live your life to the fullest / 10x live Zoom sessions / 23 May-25 July 2022 6pm-8pm / 60% OFF!
NEW! Evidence-based Meaning-Centered Practitioner (EMCP) Certificate / 10x live Zoom sessions / 23 May-25 July 2022 8pm-10pm / 50% OFF!
NEW! Evidence-based Existential Practitioner (EEP) Certificate / 10x live Zoom sessions / 3 Oct-5 Dec 2022, 8pm-10pm / 50% OFF!

With our events, you'll find inspiration and a community for living a meaningful life ...



...because everybody deserves a meaningful life. 

Life is short. Join us now!

Meaningful Events for Everybody

A Warm Welcome to IMEC International Meaning Events & Community!

 Do you want to learn how to live a meaningful life and build a meaning-oriented society? 

Do you want to get away from the populist hypes and self-help gurus, and learn about the real science of meaning in life? 

Do you want to learn what the latest scientific research tells about topics such as meaning, purpose, goals, life fulfillment, existential and humanistic therapies life coaching, positive psychology and self-realisation?

Do you want to meet and get trained by world-leading therapists and researchers?

Do you want to present your research at conferences?

Do you want to learn how to help clients live a meaningful life despite life's challenges? 

Do you want to follow an accredited Certificate, CPD training or workshop?

Do you want to learn  how to research the experiences and meanings of individuals, for example with qualitative research methods such as applied phenomenology?

Do you want to be part of an inspiring and ever-growing collaboration of people across the world? 

Do you want to meet people from all continents, each with their unique background and personal story?


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"I've always dreaded conferences, but IMEC was fun! I even forgot that I was learning so much! When is the next one?"


"The monthly self-development groups helped me to get through the pandemic. I have gained more self-insight and have made amazing friends. Life changing!"


"I never thought that I would ever find a place to be myself. But at IMEC events everybody can be themselves, and be authentic."

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